Monday, March 22, 2010

How is the Relationship between Cancer and Hospice Changing? Find out this Wednesday

Hospice Foundation of America (HFA) presents its 17th annual National Bereavement Teleconference. Cancer and End-of-Life Care will be broadcast live via satellite and webcast, March 24, 1:00pm—4:00pm EDT, to communities across the U.S. and Canada.

You can attend a site in your community, at a hospice, hospital, university or other community organization. To find a local host site, see our site map. Continuing Education Credits (CEs) are available for a wide range of professionals. The program is also broadcast on professional education networks, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Adventist Communications Network (ACN.)
The 2010 teleconference will address care options as well as loss and grief reactions for patients, families and professional caregivers. The teleconference will also address communications dilemmas between health care teams and patients and families, psychosocial aspects of cancer, pain management, and ethical issues related to the disease. The program will include discussions of: The Transition to Palliative Care; Care of Dying Persons dealing with Cancer; Professional, Volunteer and Caregiver Needs; and the Aftermath of Cancer Death.

And don't forget, if you are interested in hosting the teleconference in your community, registration is still open until 1:15p ET on March 24. Register here now.

HFA makes it easy to host a site by providing a dedicated teleconference manager and technical experts. To show the teleconference via satellite, you will need a satellite that can receive C or KU-band frequency, a monitor with sound, and seating to accomodate your audience. If a satellite downlink is not available in your area, you may also show the teleconference via live streaming webcast.
This year, HFA is offering a bonus package for increased flexibility, including a full-length DVD shipped overnight to you 3 weeks after the live program, and access to an on-demand streaming video of the program (via a weblink), available as early as 2 days after the live event for a year after the event. Both the DVD and the streaming video will be available for continuing education credits to your attendees for the same small fee (30-minute local discussion is required for full credit). This package is an excellent option if your organization has scheduling conflicts with the live program or would like to offer the program on several different dates and times.
Hosting a Site:

  • Serves as a tool to increase awareness of your organization in your community;
  • Offers an opportunity to build relationships with other caregivers, advocates, and community leaders;
  • Helps frontline health-workers, family caregivers, physicians, clinicians, and advocates stay current on cancer and end-of-life care topics; and
  • Provides an opportunity for low-cost continuing education credit to nurses, social workers, physicians, funeral directors, counselors, clergy, and others.