Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A View of Mercy

Today's New York Times' photography blog features photographer's interpretations of the word mercy, compiled in a book by James Whitlow Delano.

Mr. Delano’s sister, Jeanne, suffered terminal renal cancer in 2007 and spent her last months in hospice care. “I felt she got merciful care,” he said “Humane care. She was treated like Jeanne.”

With his emotions still raw from that experience, Mr. Delano set out to draw attention and funding to hospice and palliative care. He reached out to other photographers, asking them to submit work for a book based on the concept of mercy. The response was overwhelming.

And it was frequently surprising, sometimes even a bit confounding. “Everyone’s interpretation is absolutely different,” Mr. Delano said. “I didn’t challenge. I didn’t ask. If you say that’s mercy, that’s all I need to know.”

James Whitlow Delano