Tuesday, February 14, 2012

View the Sneak Peek for Important Ethics Training from HFA

“Like Quinlan before, like the Schiavo case afterwards, we as a society worked through those questions about how you deal with medical technology and when it’s appropriate to use, and when you stop. And obviously we’re still grappling with those issues today.“ - Bill Colby, Cruzan family attorney

See and hear more from others directly involved in historic legal cases like Quinlan, Cruzan and Schiavo, as well as case studies for viewers to ponder along with our expert, in-studio panel, during HFA’s annual Living With Grief® program. “End-of-Life Ethics” is available April 19, 2012 on DVD only, and is a must-see for clinicians, ethics committee members, volunteers and non-clinical staff affiliated with your organization.

Registered sites have flexibility to show the program at a time convenient for their organization. CE certificates (three hours) are available for one year following the DVD release date. Site registration is only $150, but act fast; Registration increases to $200 starting March 15, 2012.

When registering, don’t forget to order companion books for your audience! End-of-Life Ethics: A Case Study Approach, is written by ethicists and clinicians and provides a rich guide to ethical decision making using case studies that explore current ethical issues in depth.
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Lynn Sherr, former ABC News 20/20 correspondent

Timothy Arsenault, MA
Karen Bullock, PhD, LCSW
Eileen R. Chichin, PhD, RN
Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, MDiv
Bruce Jennings, MA
Neal E. Slatkin,MD, DABPM

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