Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Journeys with Grief Book Available

Journeys with Grief
HFA's newest publication, Journeys Through Grief, A Collection of Articles about Love, Life and Loss, is now available. Edited by HFA's grief expert, Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, MDiv, and filled with helpful articles from HFA's publication, Journeys: A Monthly Newsletter to Help in Bereavement, from over the years, this 160-page volume speaks to those who are facing loss and seeking to understand the many feelings they may be experiencing.

Offering validation, consolation, tips, and words of encouragement, Dr. Doka, along with Journeys authors Judy Tatelbaum, Charles Corr, Sherry Schachter, Earl Grollman, Patricia Loder, Bonnie Carroll and many others, confirms that each of us need to find our own pathway in grief. There are no universal stages, and no set reaction that we should or must have after the death of a loved one. This special collection, with beautiful cover art submitted by Mary Jones, RN, from Hands of Hope Hospice in St. Joseph, MO, provides hope and support for anyone learning how to live without someone they have loved.

Order your copy today for only $9.95.